Spanish Cuisine: Signature Dishes Everyone Must Try

Spanish cuisine is rich in flavour and color. Traditional dishes always look as good as taste and offer an array of flavors that combine beautifully.

At El Milano Real Restaurante that is what we serve. We like to give our customers some background and details on some of our featured dishes. Today, we will have a look at croquettes, tortilla, tomato soup, and ratatouille.

Spanish Ratatouille (Pisto)

Spanish Cuisine: Signature Dishes Everyone Must Try

Ratatouille is a well-known dish across the world, but few people know that it originates from Spain. It is the perfect and delicious vegetarian dish.

The base is a mix of onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini roasted in olive oil to release all the beautiful flavors. This dish can be enjoyed as a side or as a full meal at any time of the day. You can also enjoy t with an egg on top or cheese.

Tomato Soup (Gazpacho or salmojero)

Tomato Soup

This is a chilled tomato soup that is rich while light, zesty and very refreshing. It offers delicious flavors to make the pallet dance.

It is made from full flavour Spanish tomatoes with green peppers, garlic, onions, olive oil, herbs and cucumber. If you are looking for a light meal with all the best Spanish flavors, you want this dish.



This is a yummy traditional dish that involves either cured meat or codfish with béchamel sauce that is breaded and fried to make the perfect bite-sized croquette. Some also have cheese inside which makes for a creamy and indulgent snack. You can measure the quality of a Spanish restaurant or bar by the quality of their croquettes.

Tortilla Espanola

Tortilla Espanola

This is an omelette dish that approaches tortilla and omelette differently than other cuisines. It can be eaten for any meal no matter the time of day.

The basic way to cook these is slow-cooking caramelized onion and potato in olive oil to get all the flavors coming out and give the sweet center of the omelette.

Once the slow-cooking is done, the egg is added to make the omelette. The Tortilla Espanola is thicker than you may expect.

You can expect these delicious Spanish dishes and more from El Milano Real Restaurante in Maine.

7 qualities romantic couples should look out for city restaurant

Every romantic couple, you should not miss out on having the best dining experience. It not only gives you a great chance to unwind, but you also get to catch up over a great meal.

While getting the finest dining experience is what you may be looking for, it’s not what you may get. Here a 7 qualities you should look out for when choosing a city restaurant.

1.    High quality food

Quality Foods for CoupleWhen you walk into a city restaurant, you are looking to enjoy a great meal with your lover. Opt for restaurants serving quality and tasty food.

You can look up reviews from other customers to get a glimpse of the quality of food you will be served when you visit the restaurant.

2.    Great ambience

Has the restaurant in question invested in resources that create an overall perfect atmosphere for couples? It should be situated at a great location, have the ability to set the perfect mood for couples and have the best character.

The décor should be tastefully designed, with comfortable seating, background music and perfect lighting.

3.    Dining experience

Serving the best food is a plus, but a city restaurant with a poor ambience quickly diminishes your dining experience. As a couple, you want to go out and eat in a clean environment, with well-spaced tables which allow you to converse well, and minimal interruptions from the staff.

A good city restaurant should have courteous staff with a great attitude. They need to be knowledgeable about the different cuisines served at the restaurant, drinks and can address issues promptly and with ease.

4.    Price

This is a vital consideration when you want to dine out as a couple. The restaurant you choose should be within your price range.

Keep in mind that some city restaurants tend to charge more than others because people will pay for the ambience, and not just the food. The prices should be able to reflect the type of food served, level of service and overall atmosphere.

However, this should not make you dismiss restaurants with low prices. You may be surprised to spot terrific dining spots that are not expensive. It helps to keep an open mind when trying out new city restaurants.

5.    The Unique factor

When dining out as a couple, you want the time you spend together to stand out. This means that the restaurant you visit should have one or more features that are unique from the rest. For instance, your restaurant may be the only one making sea foods in the city.

6.    Good management

Good ManagementIf a restaurant is well managed, chances are, all other aspects will be in order. This food will be great, with a high level of service. You want to dine in a restaurant that prioritizes the needs of their customers.

7.    Cleanliness

A dirty restaurant reflects poorly on the level of service provided, the quality of food and can lead to illnesses. Is the restaurant clean? Look at the back, staff areas and washrooms to get an idea of the level of cleanliness.

Each city in the world boasts of a variety of restaurants providing different cuisines and services. When dining out as a romantic couple, its best to look at the above qualities to decide on which city restaurant will give you a perfect dining experience.

Table Manners: How Should You Behave in a Restaurant?

Table manners are something that is very important at home and at a restaurant. It does seem like some people have forgotten or maybe they just feel important yelling at people and being inconsiderate.

No matter, if you don’t want to be the evening spoiler or the rude patron, follow these guidelines.

Decide on paying the bill ahead of the time. If you are going out with a group of friends, it should be decided how the bill work ahead of the time.

If you’re the host that invited everyone, it would be polite to pay, however, this not necessarily the norm anymore. To avoid awkward situations or arguments, decide ahead of time what the arrangement will be.

Table Manners: How Should You Behave in a Restaurant

Be considerate to your fellow patrons. This includes a whole range of things and you should basically just be considerate and behave the way you would expect the people around you to behave. Everyone in the restaurant wants a nice evening out with good food.

They don’t want loud, unruly, drunk, or arrogant people spoiling their evening. You should also make sure whether the restaurant is child-friendly.

Some more classy places may refuse children. Don’t be offended. Children can be noisy and messy and spoil the evening for someone who has been saving up for a special evening. Read about Spanish cuisine.

Treat the waiters with respect. They are not your slaves or people who don’t deserve respect. Most of them are working as waiters to find their way to their dream career. They are on their feet all day and have to serve people with a smile and sincere friendliness.

Give them a break. Also, remember that they simple deliver the food and drinks. They don’t make them. So, don’t shoot the messenger.

Waiters with respect

These are the three basic things you need to know. There are smaller details like waiting to eat until everyone has been served. How to order and when to order.

Ask questions if something on the menu is unclear and so on and so forth. It’s actually just common sense.

5 Tips for Making Your Restaurant Experience Incredible

Going out with friends or a loved one and having a great evening of dining can be wonderful.

However, sometimes we tend to take it for granted and we don’t fully have the incredible experience it can be.

So, when you try out a new restaurant or type of cuisine, try our tips to make your evening even better. Dining out should be an experience and enjoyable.

  1. Book ahead of time – If you want to try a new restaurant, make a booking ahead of time. You never know how busy they get or how many patrons they can accommodate. To ensure that you get a seat, book at least a week ahead of time.
    Restaurant Experience Incredible
  2. Do some research – Learn more about the cuisine that the restaurant serves and what you can expect. Also, read up on the culture of the restaurant. You don’t want to be caught completely off-guard with chicken feet or something and say rude things in shock. If you know what to expect from the cuisine, you can be prepared and ask inquisitive and polite questions.
  3. Invite the right people – Dining out with the right company can make a good evening incredible. Invite friends who like to try new things and who you can have good, stimulating, and fun conversations with. The company is a huge part of making your dining experience one to remember.
    Restaurant Invitation
  4. Dress for the evening – Many restaurants don’t have strict dress codes and if they do, they tend to be more on the expensive side. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your dinner party shouldn’t dress up. Sometimes it’s just fun to dress up for a night out. You can have a theme or just dress in your best threads and look stunning.
  5. Be polite to the staff – Nothing ruins a good evening faster than someone being rude to the waiter or other staff. If something is not to your liking, handle it politely and with respect. Yelling and swearing and making a scene as a fast-acting souring effect.
    Politeness goes long way

These are our tips for making your evening out a great one. Try it out and see how a normal evening out becomes a memory to revisit for years to come.