All You Need To Know Concerning How To Store Wine

Storing your wine could be one of the most challenging tasks given that wine can easily be degraded if not stored I the right way. However, you will not need special equipment to store your wine but using some simple yet useful tips, you can store your wine properly and make it last longer. In this article, I am going to talk about all you need to know concerning how to store wine in the right way and I hope that at the end of the article you will have an insight of what wine storage is all about. Below are some of the major concerns about storing wine in the right way to allow it last longer:wine storage

Keep it Cool.

Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Wine stored at temperatures higher than 70 0 F will make your wine age very quickly than expected. If the temperatures increase beyond that level, your wine will get cooked resulting in alteration of the flavors and aroma. The best temperature range for storing your wine is between 45 0 F and 650 F and 550 F is said to be close to perfect temperatures for wine storage. If the temperatures become much warmer, always ensure that you open your wine from time to time.

Keep Your Wine Away from Light.

Direct light is one of the worst enemies of wine, especially white or light colored wines and can pose a great danger for long-term storage of your wine. The UV rays from the sun can degrade you wine or make it age prematurely and this is one of the reasons why most winners use colored bottles to store wine. It is therefore essential that you store your wine away from direct sunlight if you want it to last long.

Store Your Bottle of Wine on its Side.

According to winners, if you want to store your wine, it is important that you store the bottle on its side, especially the cork-sealed bottles. Storing them on their sides will ensure that the bottom of the cork stays moist to prevent the cork from drying out and resulting in a musty wine. Horizontal racking is also is also one of the best ways of storing your wine and it is also space-efficient.

Keep Your Wine Away From Excess Vibrations.

If the wine is constantly shaken, the chemical reactions in your wine will speed up resulting in quick fermentation that may alter the taste and flavors of the wine. The vibration may also disturb the wine’s sediments, thus preventing them from settling leading to a gritty bottle of wine which can be unpleasant.

With that said, I hope you know have some hint on how to store your wine and perhaps you will change those old ways of storing wine that has led to the degrading or aging of your wine faster than usual.